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With a grand dream, and a lot less cash, Bertha Leon founded Huahuasco Grill Mexican Cuisine in 2018. It was the first restaurant in Texas to focus exclusively on true regional Mexican cuisine from Mexico's interior culinary epicenter: Michoacán. The restaurant featuring simple décor, flourished and their long-range impact on Mexican food in Texas continues to explore the authentic tastes and developing trends of Mexico.


The Huahuasco Grill Mexican Cuisine family is an impeccable group of individuals with a core of longtime kitchen staff and servers, some that have worked at the restaurant industry for over twenty years. Setting a standard that's hard to beat, Huahuasco Grill's servers are professional and exemplary in their presentation. Loyal patrons are greeted by name, new diners become good friends and the customer experience is thoughtful and swift. Our dedicated kitchen team, many who have been with the restaurant for a number of years, are devoted to Huahuasco Grill's commitment of authenticity and excellence. Jose Leon, Huahuasco Grill's general manager and Miguel A. Leon Assistant Manager , have developed an art for identifying team players. They exemplify mutual respect and trust that not only motivates the staff, but also makes Huahuasco Grill Mexican Cuisine quite simply a great place to work. Jose also takes culinary excursions throughout Michoacan just as the founder did before him, ensuring the vibrant spirit, traditions and ever-changing culture of Huahuasco continues to thrive.

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